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The blog posts in different ways explore contemporary flows between credit, debt, and various conditions of exchange and usury among/between individuals, markets, states, businesses and communities, which are negotiating global cashlessness. The blog posts address changing household economies, migration landscapes, transactional activities, and lending cycles. They also explore broader horizons involving the provision of financial services and the contingencies of cashless transitions.

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The Price Of Inclusion

By Marie Kolling and Stefan Nygård

Digital Economy, Cashlessness and Access to Credit: Case Studies of India and Kenya

By Anit Mukherjee

‘My drunk husband doesn’t know’: Informal income, phone-banking and female migrant workers in Kolkata, India

By Atreyee Sen

Anthropologies of risk: Credit scoring in coercive political economies. Ethnographic notes from North India

By Lucia Michelutti and Tommaso Sbriccoli

Spheres of exchange 2.0: Conversions and conveyances in bitcoin economy

By Martin Tremčinský

Debt and reputational collateral on the fringes of Brazil’s credit economy

By Marie Kolling

Debt economies as urban survival strategies in the collapsed economies: Examples from post-Soviet economies and Turkey compared

By Rano Turaeva & Nurdan Atalay

Ideas of a bitcoin user on open source development

By Giovanni Daniele Starita

Building bridges to nowhere?
Financial inclusion is key to a future for refugees in the digitized economy

By Andreas Hackl

Storytelling in the world of cryptocurrencies

By Yathukulan yogarajah